Art Series: What is Art?


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Art Series: What is Art?

“Art is imitation. This is a feature of both of Plato’s theories. Of course he was not the first or the last person to think that art imitates reality. The idea was still very strong in the Renaissance, when Vasari, in his Lives of the Painters, said that “painting is just the imitation of all the living things of nature with their colors and designs just as they are in nature.” It may still be the most commonly held theory. Most people still think that a picture must be a picture of something, and that an artist is someone who can make a picture that “looks just like the real thing”. It wasn’t until late in the nineteenth century that the idea of art as imitation began to fade from western aesthetics, to be replaced by theories about art as expression, art as communication, art as pure form, art as whatever elicits an “aesthetic” response, and a number of other theories.”
— Dr. David Clowney, Professor/ Philosophers, Artists and Critics on Art

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