Art Series: Buddhist Monk Quotes On Life Poster


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Art Series: Buddhist Monk Quotes On Life Poster. From Wat Phra Singh, Chiang Mai, Thailand. There are famous Buddhist quotes attached to trees throughout the garden. For home or office.

Here are some quotes.

› If everything is gotten dreamily, it will go away dreamily too.
› Flattering words are but honey-coated poison.
› Light dispels darkness. Wisdom dispels ignorance.
› As you sow so you reap.
› Eat to live but (don’t) live to eat.
› Until death there is nothing enough.
› Without recognition of death, how can there be any knowledge of it.
› Mans death is the least of all things material. What is left to the world is virtues and vices.
› Poverty with dignity is better than wealth based on shame.
› Physical charms attract the eyes, goodness attract the mind.
› The simplicity of the good man is hard to follow. The simplicity of the evil man is easy to follow.
› Without a beginning, there is nothing to worry about the end.
› Ignorance is the real evil.

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