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All entries published in February 2017

Urgent! These items have been discontinued

Unfortunately these variants are no longer available from the supplier, so we’ve removed them from our product list:

American Apparel 2102 Fine Jersey Short Sleeve Women T-Shirt (Lemon, Orange, Raspberry)

These items are being discontinued because our suppliers can’t provide stock for these items.

All t-shirts still use American Apparel® when available. We will try to find the alternative model like Gildan®, etc. We will contact you before we process your order.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Thanks for understanding,
The Do Not Destroy Store Team

Word Series: Love Pillow

Word Series: Love Pillow. For home or office. Available in 2 styles. You can find the pillows here.

Handle with care for you & yours.

Nice Dream,
The Do Not Destroy Store Team