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Word Series: Baby it’s Cold Outside

Word Series: Baby it’s Cold Outside. For home or office. You can find the pillows here.

Handle with care for you & yours.

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2016 Best Nine & Happy New Year 2017 Pray for Better Days☮❤️✌

Giving Back. Save a Life. Part of the annual profits from each item sold from the Do Not Destroy Store goes directly to the Blessed Homes funds. With your help from last year, this gift helps children and young people who have become victims of the longstanding conflict in Burma. Each child at Blessed Homes comes with a unique history. The children who have lost their parents for various reasons. Some come from poor families who are unable to take care of the kids. Others come from homes with violence, abuse and neglect. The Orphanages and the Youth Center are located in small Karen villages in Thailand along the border with Burma (Myanmar).

For more information about the Blessed Homes. Please read more here

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